Verehrter Gast, zu Ihrer Information finden Sie hier nachstehend unsere Transfermöglichkeiten, die wir gerne für Sie organisieren (24 h zuvor buchbar).


Seit 2009 beteiligt sich das Hotel Garden Terme am Programm A.F.C. Alimentazione Fuori Casa (Ernährung Außer Haus) der Italienischen Zöliakie-Vereinigung und setzt sich dafür ein, den Bedürfnissen der Gäste mit Glutenunverträglichkeit durch möglichst geringe Belastungen entgegenzukommen. Dazu kommen die besonderen Vorzüge unserer Thermen und Schwimmbäder sowie das breite Angebot von Wellnessprogrammen, Massagen und anderen Dienstleistungen – von der klassischen Fangotherapie bis zu Ayurvedabehandlungen mit Arganöl oder der Önotherapie.
Hier folgend finden Sie drei Wohlfühlideen und damit verbunden die Sicherheit einer schmackhaften, von der Italienischen Zöliakie-Vereinigung überwachten Küche.



May 13th to November 26th, 2017
Open to the public from Saturday May 13th to Sunday November 26th 2017, at the Giardini and the Arsenale in Venice, the 57th International Art Exhibition, titled VIVA ARTE VIVA, will be curated by Christine Macel and organized by La Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta. 


Rovigo, Palazzo Roverella
September 23rd, 2017 – January 21st, 2018
An important exhibition will take place at Palazzo Roverella in Rovigo, which will investigate the artistic movement of the European Secession. The exhibition will propose for the first time a comprehensive overview of the four main centers in which the Secessionists developed – Monaco, Vienna, Prague and Rome – and will highlight differences and affinities in different expressive languages.


Vicenza, Palladian Basilica
October 7th, 2017 – April 8th, 2018
The exhibition presents exceptionally a very high number of works by the Dutch painter, 43 paintings and 84 drawings. Particularly wide in the number of works, the exhibition will give, besides painting, a decisive attention to the design: a unique opportunity, since the drawings themselves are never exposed and remain visible only for a short time in temporary exhibitions.


Ferrara, Palazzo dei Diamanti
October 14th, 2017 – January 7th, 2018
Although virtually unknown to the public today, in the past the name Carlo Bononi drew the attention of artists, patrons, scholars, and art lovers. A prolific, great artist, restless experimenter and indefatigable traveller, Bononi occupies an extremely important role in seventeenth century art history.


Ferrara, Castello Estense
June 15th, 2016 – December 27th, 2017
Ferrara’s Castello Estense is showing a gallery of masterpieces, selected from the collections of the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Palazzo Massari. Elegant portraits of the stars of the Belle Époque in sumptuously decorated renaissance halls, secret chambers that contain thrilling landscapes and still lives.


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